The Power of Positive Thinking

First published on July 19th, 2020. Updated on October 20, 2023.
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Mental health is a huge topic of discussion in today’s society and during this article we’ll discuss what we can do to help ourselves and other people with the power of positive thinking. Seems like quite an easy fix doesn’t it? Feeling bad? Just think of something positive instead, and it can be for some but for others, not so much. However, through repetition and consistency we can learn to reprogram our way of thinking! Our mind is either our greatest enemy or our greatest ally.

It takes on average around 66 days to form a new habit and below we will go into a few techniques on how positive thinking can really make a different to your life. One of the first things you should start by doing is to stop any negative self-talk. This can seem like something really obvious, but so many people have the feeling of ‘I don’t deserve that’ or ‘I would never be able to get that’. And with that thought process you are absolutely right, you probably will not succeed, you’re already battling your own mind before you’ve even started the process of what you want to do. There’s a saying “The person who think’s they can and the person who thinks they can are usually right”. It all begins within your own mindset. So, rule number one, cut out any negative self-talk. As soon as you enter into that thought process, quickly shift your mind onto something you are grateful for.

Second thing you should start doing daily is giving yourself positive affirmations. You can do this either out loud in the mirror in the morning or just to yourself in your own head, you can even write them down and put them around your house, so you read them while going about your day. These positive affirmations could be anything from “Everything will be okay” to “I am worthy and deserving” or even “I am a good person with good intentions”. Do this consistently and soon enough they will be imbedded into your mind. These positive affirmations should hopefully start to reduce the negative self-talk previously mentioned. Negativity not only damages your own mental health; studies have confirmed it has a biological effect on cells in the body and lowers the immune system! The mind is a powerful tool, make sure you are using it to your advantage.

Outside events are something that we have no control over, and the quicker we learn that the better. But the good news is, we do have control over something far more important, our own emotions. Things are going to happen in life to which you have no control over potentially making you angry or upset, it is completely human to feel these emotions, but the importance is to not dwell on them. Feel them, and then let them go as soon as possible. When these things happen, take a moment to reflect and look for the silver lining. Everything happens for a reason and that reason may not be crystal clear straight away, but there is a positive in every situation, reprogram to find the positive in that situation.

Fourth thing, which ties in to the above is learning to let things go. Learning to be at peace with everyone. Usually when someone is harmful towards others whether it’s physically or through passive aggression, it is because they are unhappy within themselves. Having the mentality that it is not your problem or issue as to why somebody else is upset will help you let go of any anger you are harbouring and give you a happier and more peaceful life! Remember happiness is a journey, not a destination. Also learn to let things go that you’ve done yourself, you may have started something new and it hasn’t worked out, remember there are no mistakes, there’s another saying “It’s either a lesson or a blessing”. This means that if you fail at something you’ve taken home a lesson, so you’ve won. Learn to let go of the ‘I’m a failure’ mentality’ and keep moving forward.

We are not saying that through the above you will turn into the perfect human being, never experience anger, and get everything you ever wanted, because to be truthful it won’t. Nobody on this planet is perfect, nobody. But what the above should give you is the ingredients you need for a more peaceful and happy life, which is what most of us are looking for, aren’t we? Things won’t always go your way and you won’t always get everything you want, but remember, when one door closes another opens. And who’s to say that the new door that’s opened isn’t going to be much better than the one that’s closed. Remain optimistic, always!


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