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Joe Cave Fitness

Joe Cave Fitness

Joe Cave Fitness (Boxing)

I first started going to the gym 10 years ago when I was fed up with my skinny body and having no strength. The desire to change my body was what gave me that initial discipline to commit to working out on a regular basis. I was also fascinated with the fact that anyone could change and transform their body if they were willing to put in the work.

Once I started to achieve results from my training my friends and family started to ask for tips and advice on their routines, and the idea to become a Personal Trainer was born from this. Over the last 9 years of being a Personal Trainer I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients, helping guide them to reach a variety of goals.

I have worked with clients as young as 13 for sports performance, and I've trained clients in their 80's that wanted to keep active.

I've worked with Actor's for TV & Film roles, CEO's running large companies and a Professional Poker Player preparing for tournament season. It's safe to say I've worked with a large variety of busy professionals who were serious about what they wanted to achieve. My expertise or speciality would be weight training and body shaping. If you want to look better, build muscle, get leaner or build strength then this is the area in which I have the most experience. My real passion for my work comes from getting amazing body transformation results for my clients so my main focus is to find dedicated and committed individuals who are ready to commit to working with me on substantially improving their fitness, health and lifestyle.

Weight lossCardiovascular fitnessBody transformationMindset change
Dyke Road,
Brighton , UK