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Brighton Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy

Brighton Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy

Brighton Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy (Physiotherapist)

Looking for a good Brighton physiotherapist? Maybe you’ve ‘had physiotherapy before and it helped’ but now the problem’s back. Or there’s a new injury in town…

Or you might have a sports injury, so a little search around Brighton Sports Therapy or Brighton Sports Massage may have brought you here. Or maybe you’re not sporty at all but you’ve picked up an injury and you need the right physiotherapy to make it go away.

Whoever you are, your injury is unique. And it’s not just your body that’s affected.

Brighton Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy: The Body-Mind Approach

So, what’s all this ‘Body-Mind’ stuff about then?

Well, it’s where a Physiotherapist (Mark Gilmore) and a Sports Therapist (Jamie Webb) have come to with a combined 30 years’ experience in the industry.

You see, almost all conditions should be healing within 6-12 weeks. This is how long it takes muscles, ligaments and bones to heal. So why would any injury take longer than 6-12 weeks to go away?

This is where your mind comes in. Fear around an injury causes us to guard it. And in our experience, this protection rarely helps. In fact, it’s this protection, whether conscious or sub-conscious, that keeps us in pain. And the more severe the original incident or the more traumatic or stressful your life has been, the more ingrained this protection will be.

It’s as if our emotions are stored physically within our body. Who knew?

And so, we start with the physical problem as you’d expect from any physiotherapist or sports therapist, identifying any physical issues and providing the best treatment, advice and rehab. Nothing new here. But then it starts to get interesting as our experience and know-how guides us to those naughty, elusive spots where you are physically holding on to your pain. And this is the game-changer.

This physical release often brings on an emotional release that allows you to let go and move on from your injury with physical and emotional confidence as you experience the joy of thoughtless, fearless, pain-free movement once more.

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