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Ultra Sports Clinic Bank

Ultra Sports Clinic Bank

Ultra Sports Clinic Bank (Chiropractor)

We are a Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Clinic in the heart of The City of London. The best athletes are passionate, motivated and committed to their craft, so it makes sense that the people who treat them should be the same. Regardless of whether you’re an elite athlete, a weekend-walker or anything in-between, we’re motivated to help you achieve your fitness objectives.

We are experts in our field, and have worked with some of the most high-profile athletes, sports teams and stars in the world. But you don’t have to be an elite athlete to receive superior treatment from us. Our clients range from top athletes to sport enthusiasts and are passionate about pain management.

We work holistically & sustainably, whatever your ailment; an ACL from football or an RSI from working at the office, we will make you stronger and teach you how to stay that way. We combine the most current research, treatment and expertise to personalise your recovery.

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King William Street,
London , UK