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Nikki Carrol Fitness

Nikki Carrol Fitness

Nikki Carrol Fitness (Personal Trainer)

I specialise in working with complete beginners to exercise, clients suffering from Obesity and or Type 2 diabetes and those who just hate the thought of exercise and really struggle to eat well. In addition to the standard PT qualification held by all PTs, I also hold the Level 4 Certificate in Exercise and Nutritional Interventions for Obesity & Diabetes. I am also a diet and nutrition adviser so can provide information and support about most dietary issues.

I also hold the GP Exercise Referral qualification which means I am specifically qualified to work with clients who may be suffering from conditions that make training a little more complicated.

I am also a Level 5 sports massage therapist and so unlike regular personal trainers, I have, firstly, a detailed understanding of how muscular imbalances can cause pain and dysfunction and secondly the ability to treat any such muscular pains, so if you are suffering with knee pain , back issues or sciatica for example, I will be able to address those issues as well as your primary fitness goals.

I’m a female personal trainer who believes that being a strong woman is essential for physical and mental health. I specialise in working with women of all ages and supporting through “female specific” issues such as pre and post natal exercise, menstruation, hormonal changes and the menopause. Please check my Female PT page for more detail.

Finally, I also work as a tutor to new personal trainers, training assessing and qualifying them, so I completely understand my craft.

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Oxford, UK