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Body Centric Wellness

Body Centric Wellness

Body Centric Wellness (Chiropractor)

Looking for a chiropractor alternative? Need pain relief or posture correction? Welcome to Body Centric Wellness; a private healthcare provider and a chiropractor alternative.

We’re one of very few in the UK trained in delivering a revolutionary structural healthcare technique known as Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™).

ABC™ is a full body protocol-based method of correcting and optimizing the biomechanics of the human skeletal framework, i.e. your posture.

When your biomechanics are corrected and optimized your body’s various systems (cardiovascular, circulatory, nervous, digestive etc) are free from compensatory dysfunction.

An optimized and functioning body is therefore able to heal injuries it could not do before. Please view our ‘Learn More‘ page to get a more concise understanding of what ABC™ is and how and why it works.

Pain/discomfort relief
Birmingham , UK
B24 9QR